The Queen Album

Release Date: 1988

Label: Siren/Virgin

Catalog #: SRNLP22 (LP) / CDSRN22 (CD)

As you all know, Alexander Pope (1688-1744) wrote that “Ev’ry Lady would be Queen for Life”. I cannot go all the way with Alex in this matter – “for life” is a bit strong – but certainly agree that a brush with royalty (not to mention royalties) is irresistible.

A most enjoyable way to achieve this is through the songs of Queen. One of the most remarkable qualities of Queen (and one of the principal reasons for their sustained success) was that all four members of the band – Freddie, Brian, Roger and John – were accomplished writers. Each had written huge worldwide hits for the band. The selection herein is just a fragment of their extraordinary output.

This was the first time anyone had ever covered Queen’s material and the first time their music had been recorded with a symphony orchestra. Freddie became a dear friend and Brian May still is to this day.

  • 1
    Bohemian Rhapsody
  • 2
    A Kind Of Magic
  • 3
    Love Of My Life
  • 4
    My Melancholy Blues
  • 5
    Who Wants To Live Forever?
  • 6
    You Take My Breath Away
  • 7
    Las Palabras De Amor
  • 8
    One Year Of Love
  • 9
    Is This The World We Created?
  • 10
    Radio Ga Ga