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Elaine meets her ‘Super fan’ Susan Boyle backstage at NBC’s ‘Today’ show

Elaine finally had the chance to meet with her ‘super fan’ Susan Boyle backstage at NBC’s ‘Today’ show when they filmed in London a few weeks ago.

Elaine surprised Susan during her filmed interview and then had a chat afterwards. Susan asked Elaine how she unwinds after a performance (especially when going straight to bed), how she chooses songs, and how she paces herself when recording. Elaine told her she’s tried everything from Yoga to Hot Milk and sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t, but it was very important to sleep and re-charge. Lyrics are very important to her when it comes to choosing songs and she particularly likes ballads; and she always makes sure she knows which order the songs are going to be recorded in so she doesn’t have to worry about all the material in one go and can concentrate on the next day’s studio schedule only.

Elaine presented Susan with a signed copy of her latest book ‘Memories’ and her live concert album.


Photograph Credit: EP backstage during the filming of NBC’s ‘Today’ show with Susan Boyle.