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Elaine Paige & Twiggy on Living the Life

Elaine’s Living the Life with Twiggy transmits on Sky Arts1 Wed. 20th Nov at 8pm, Fri. 22nd Nov at 3.10am & 7am, Sun. 24th Nov at 3pm

Living the Life is the interview show that brings the best of British and international talent, intellect and skill to the forefront. Two complementary heavyweights, each at the top of their game, are paired and the conversation is allowed to flow. Whilst they may not be immediately associated with each other, the guests quickly establish common ground. Whether they are from different industries, different walks of life or they simply hold different viewpoints, the guests nevertheless bond thanks to the similarities they find between themselves. Tales from childhood, early careers, successes and failures all combine to reveal how their subsequent journeys through wealth and fame have shaped their lives.