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Reviews for the 2011 Kennedy Centre production of Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Follies’

“True, there are great moments: Elaine Paige brings down the house with a magnificently executed “I’m Still Here,” which comes off as the anthem of a still-thriving survivor rather than a final summation of a long career.”

“Elaine Paige is not only superb, she is the best Carlotta Campion I’ve ever seen – and I’ve seen them all – all the way back to the original Broadway production. No one has ever sung I’m Still Here more splendidly and touchingly and beautifully and powerfully and life-changingly than she did last night. If our musical theatre has a first lady, Elaine is it! I will always carry with me the great joy of seeing her in this production and cheering for her with the rest of the audience she so thrillingly lifted to heaven last night.”

“As Carlotta, Elaine Paige gets what is probably the musical’s best-known song, “I’m Still Here,” the ultimate anthem of show-biz longevity. She has a field day with it, riding the melodic line with an infectious energy and producing loads of vocal shading. The sly way she puts a bluesy spin on her tone for the line about having “sung the blues” is but one example of the interpretive flair. (Paige’s performance earned the longest, heartiest ovation on opening night – talk about a crowd-pleaser.)”

“Members of the supporting cast take full advantage of their limited moments under the spotlight. Paige throws a feisty earthiness into act one’s electric “I’m Still Here,” … and led by White, the gals are unstoppable in their delightful ensemble piece “Who’s That Woman,” which combines soft shoe, a dollop of tap and even a leggy chorus line. It’s a rousing testament to longevity as the oldsters are joined by their young counterparts.”

“Elaine Paige does a cheerful, upbeat version of Carlotta Campion, the showgirl who became a Hollywood star with a career of ups and downs. Her spin on “I’m Still Here” is very much an emphasis on the bright side of her life, and, in that context, she sings the song to perfection.”

“Paige, considered Britain’s most well-known musical theater actress, delivers a fiery and confident rendition of “I’m Still Here” as the actress Carlotta.”

“Sondheim must love mature women; he writes fantastic songs for them. From “The Ladies Who Lunch” in Company to “Send in the Clowns” in A Little Night Music, he always saves the best lines for the ladies. So it’s not surprising that a show about aging showgirls would have several showstoppers. Broadway veterans Linda Lavin and Jan Maxwell each get one. British import Elaine Paige gets one. Terri White gets the knockout number, “Who’s That Woman?” Bernadette Peters has to wait her turn, then shines with the touching “Losing My Mind.” ”

“Carlotta, who went from showgirl to movie and TV star, is dishing with the waiters when she delivers ”I’m Still Here,” and Paige makes it crystal-clear why she is a British stage diva to be reckoned with.”